How to Write Better Residential Real Estate Listings

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Our team at Salem Realty has extensive experience in the residential real estate industry, and over the years, we have read, written, and edited more property listings than we can count. In our experience, people tend to make the same mistakes over and over when writing real estate listings, and we want to help you avoid falling into the same traps. In this article, we will go over a few tips on how to write better residential real estate listings to help you sell your property faster and for a better price.

How to Write Better Residential Real Estate Listings

•  Tell the Truth- This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised about how many residential real estate listings contain descriptions so inaccurate that they count as outright falsehoods. While it’s okay to use positive language to accentuate your property’s good points and minimize its flaws, you still need to describe the place accurately. For example, calling a small home “cozy” is fine, but claiming that it has more than its actual square footage is not.

•  Emphasize Unique Features- Another way you can improve your residential real estate listings is by drawing attention to the features that make your property stand out. Home buyers are often drawn to unique features, so if the home you are listing has something special about it, such as a stained-glass window or original hardwood flooring, be sure to bring it up in the listing.

•  Game the Algorithm- Since so many people search for homes online, you will need to tailor your real estate property listings to perform well in search algorithms. We recommend avoiding common red flag words, such as “fixer-upper” or “TLC”, which imply that the home needs a lot of work and will likely make your listing perform badly in search results. In addition, try to include words that boost performance in the search engine, such as “luxurious”.